Scott Simons, Founder | Mr. Inspiration

Scott Simons – Ecopreneur created Organik in 2006. With strong experience of close to 10 years spanning many facets of the global health industry, Scott’s mission is to inspire people to take health into their own hands.
With the help of his leadership, three social businesses have come to see the light of day. In 2004, he cofounded the Pauda Centre, a community centre in support of meditation, yoga and group dialogues.

In 2006 he cofounded DESTA, a non-profit organization helping marginalized youth aged 18 to 25. Organik, a company specialized in servicing health to employees and corporate environments, is the business Scott created and has managed and developed over the last 9 years.
Beyond creating and developing inspiring projects, Scott has contributed to health as a yoga teacher since 2009.

He’s completed:

  • the yoga Sivananda 200-hour certification (2009),
  • the 500-hour Naada Yoga teacher training (2015),
  • the 300-hour yoga therapeutics program with Re:Source Yoga.

According to Scott, his greatest source of inspiration is found in his daily practice of health.

Scott can be reached at [first name] at [this website].

Sandrine Gressard, President | Miss Success Instigator

Sandrine Gressard joined Organik in the Spring of 2017. She brings to the table 25 years of experience running companies and managing teams. Her expertise lies mainly in business development, but having worked in 6 different industries, she brings a broader set of skills to Organik.

Sandrine’s mission is to help Organik’s customers reach success, whatever that means to each of them.

Apart from developing Organik, Sandrine is our main Business Coach. Indeed, she trains entrepreneurs and business leaders to instigate success in their organisations.

However, she doesn’t do this like everyone else. She brings in a health element in the form or hiking. Each coaching session contains some form of physical activity (walking, hiking, breathing, stretching) which sends oxygen to the brain, improves decision making and considerably refines problem-solving skills.

Her leadership doesn’t stop with Organik. She is also on the Board of directors of the Development Fund of the ERSM (Ecole Rudolf Steiner de Montréal) and First Vice Chair of the Royal Air Cadets of Canada 690 Lakeshore Squadron.

She chose to give her time and expertise to these two organisations out of passion for children’s healthy and sustainable development.

When Sandrine isn’t busy instigating success in companies or non-for-profits, she enjoys restoring old aircraft, flying gliders and scuba diving. This mom of 2 has no idea what boredom is.

Her biggest passion is to live… fully and constantly.

She can be reached at [first name] at [this website].

Julia McNally, Business Development Director | Miss Growth

Julia’s biography is coming real soon.

In the meantime, to contact her simply email her at [first name] at [this website].

P.S. She really is working on that bio, but she’s so busy with our clients that she can’t seem to get to that!

P.P.S. If you really want to know more about Julia, you can always check out our Instagram account at OrganikMTL. You’ll see posts and pics!

Nina Konjini, Community Director | Miss Connection

Nina Konjini joined Organik in the Spring of 2017. She is our in-house photographer, our social media presence and our “eye for beauty”.

She transforms our great moments as a team into beautiful images and texts.

Nina is also a Yoga teacher and corporate trainer. She brings great experience from her time spent in British Columbia, which we are lucky to learn from.

When she isn’t behind her camera, teaching Yoga or writing articles, Nina loves to travel and reconnect with Mother Earth surrounded by nature.

If you wish to contact Nina, please email her at [first name] at [this website].

Jaime Rojas, Organik Mexico

The path of teaching, teaches us and that’s why we’re apprentices forever. Jaime is considered one of the youngest practitioners and teachers that still learning the essence of life and the fluidity of yoga day by day. He follows the components of yoga presented and taught by Patanjali (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama), the yoga origins, some Buddhist methods and how our actions influence global change and the community. Jaime looks to inspire physical, mental and spiritual change, helping others to reach their own peace, to listen to our authentic inner voice that is our own guru on the mat and in life.

Jaime is inspired by the consciousness of being, doing, and flow. He teaches to share his knowledge and everything that he has learnt and help people get interested in yoga, feel their body and listened the inner consciousness.
The teacher role is to guide you and help you navigate the waves of fluidity, to become a dynamic wave that the spirit moves, respect the yoga healing, purification and encourage the students to their own self.

They help the Search for faith, devotion, and correct purpose, found listening to one’s own body and flow with the breathe.
Jaime has had the opportunity to learn from different teachers like Paloma Baker (Jivamukti Yoga), Sharon and David Gannon (Jivamukti Yoga Founders), Sri Dharma Mittra (Dharma Yoga), Twee Merrigan (Prana Flow Yoga), Shiva Rea (Prana Flow Yoga).

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