Julie Marchand

Julie Marchand is a mother of five children and grandmother of two adorable grandkids. Julie doesn’t just teach health, she transforms it! To perfect her physical health and to be able to share her passion, Julie got her certification as a training coach from the renowned Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Today, health has become more than a passion, it’s a life-style: for her, her family and her many clients.
Specialized in physical well-being, Julie uses a functional training technique that will bring you to the heart of your health and well-being. As a yoga teacher, her practice of yoga is both stimulating and soothing.

Aside from the physical side of her practice, she is committed to good nutrition. As a booster for healthy and pure foods, Julie believes in the 80/20 formula: good health comes 80% from what we eat and 20% from how we treat our body. Exercise, health and well being.


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